Managing your eCommerce is now easy... 88% Of Consumers Prefer To Buy Directly From The Brand Today. Surprised!

Need not be. If we consider the fact that almost 1/3rd of the products sold on the eCommerce marketplaces today are fake, damaged, shop displays, or out of warranty products. It’s not surprising that the majority of the consumers are now looking at buying directly from the brand website if given a choice.

However, managing an end to end e-commerce is not easy for big brands. Therefore, most brands either do not provide eCommerce options on their website and even if they do, they find it challenging and not viable to manage the entire process by themselves.

At Brandbuddiez, we partner with brands in managing their own online eCommerce as a buddy. The marketing efforts of the brand drive a good amount of traffic on their website and with the right partners, this incoming traffic can be converted into business.

Apart from this, the brand also has a large distribution network that can be leveraged to deliver products more efficiently and without any damages; saving time and money. We help brands to move to the next era of commerce - The PHYGITAL Commerce

Our Services

We, at Brandbuddiez, provide end-to-end e-commerce solutions to the brands; right from providing an eCommerce website to managing the backend operations such as product and sales inquiry, order management, and ensuring timely delivery through rigorous follow-up with partners.

In addition to this, the Brandbuddiez platform also comes with a built-in shop demonstrator app, affiliate marketing platform, and CRM engine that can help brands drive digital programs using internal and external partners.

Now you have one solution that manages all your consumer touchpoints, making it easier to drive an omnichannel business through both online as well as the offline marketplace


Our fully integrated e-commerce platform captures data from all customer touch-points (be it digital or physical), allowing brands to own their customers across all the platforms while ensuring the safety of their data.


Along with the platform, we also manage the entire system effectively and efficiently, letting the brands focus on their core activities.


Our effectively integrated CRM engines + efficient and effective e-commerce engines help you achieve better conversion rates and increased sales.


Most brands use multiple platforms to manage data from different consumer touchpoints. Brandbuddiez is the first fully integrated white-labeled platform that helps brands collect, curate, and convert all consumer data into business opportunities.

Brandbuddiez platform comes with a ready-to-go live website, shop demonstrator app, affiliate marketing engine, and full-fledged CRM. We will shortly be adding a consumer app that will help brands to provide superior after-sales service too. So with Brandbuddiez, a brand can look at driving digital business beyond just website leads.

Brandbuddiez will be your buddy in the true sense in building the next-level phygital ecosystem for your brand’s next-generation business.

ENABLE E-Commerce

While we know that platform is the easiest thing to put together, the challenge is to manage and drive business through the same.

Brandbuddiez’s biggest strength is helping brands in driving their digital business. Brandbuddiez’s dedicated team provides entire backend assistance such as lead management, order generation, and managing delivery through the brand’s own ecosystem.

With Brandbuddiez as a partner, Brands can now plan to drive Customer Lifetime Value by cross-selling and upselling products and services using Brand Buddiez AI-assisted CRM engine.

DRIVE Digital E-Commerce

We have a team of experts who can provide digital marketing support to our clients in terms of SEO, SEM, Social media, performance marketing, and influencer marketing. We focus on conversions without compromising on brand building. We work closely with brands to collectively drive larger businesses at a lower marketing cost.

About us

We are a team of cross-functional experts with hardcore experience in Online and Offline retail, digital marketing, technology, and customer relationship management working towards building a next-gen Phygital Platform that can help brands drive digital business effortlessly l business

Unlike other technology firms, we put business objectives first and build the platform to deliver the same.

True to our brand name, we believe in partnering brands as their buddiez by providing a platform, managing the back end to the last mile of delivery, and further drive customer lifetime value through an effective CRM engine. We take complete ownership of your eCommerce technology and digital marketing to let you focus on your core business. Our purpose is to help you expand your brand’s reach, gain deep customer insights and build a profitable digital business.